Issue 01 - November 2011

Measuring Social Media: Review of Two Recent Books
Conversion Optimization: How to do it right
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Issue 02 - December 2011

Social Media Influencer – State of a Concept
Gut Feel versus Measurement in Marketing, Unpacked
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Issue 03 - January 2012

Archeology of the Digital Customer
Interactive Marketing Maturity And Web Analytics
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Issue 04 - February 2012

What are Actionable Insights?
Occam’s Razor in Analytics – Monitoring vs.Targeting
From Reporting to Insights – How to leverage analytics to infuse predictability into retailing business
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Issue 05 - March 2012

Social Dynamics in Social Media Marketing
Gamification Campaigns: New Tools for Online Marketers
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Issue 06 - April 2012

Is Jack Really All Work and No Play?
Everything You Know About Digital Measurement Is Wrong
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Issue 07 - May 2012

Can You Really Get More Klout?
Analysts Behaving Badly
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Issue 08 - June 2012

Metrics Are Politics
Why Most Dashboards Fail
In The Eighth Issue

Issue 09 - July 2012

The Fair Share of Ratios
Can’t Buy Me Love – Happiness in Analytics
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Issue 10 - August 2012

Deeds Not Words
Guidelines for Sharing Analytical Insights
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Issue 11 - September 2012

Knowledge, Uncertainty, and Ideology in Digital Analytics
Transforming the Context of Measurement
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Issue 12 - October 2012

The World is The New UI
How to Measure Those Seemingly Immeasurable Marketing Goals
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Issue 13 - November 2012

Building Notre-Dame
Measuring Measurement – The Genius of Jessica Hagy
What Excites Me About Marketing and Analytics
The First Anniversary Issue

Issue 14 - December 2012

Blinded by the Light
Getting Beyond Tracking Metrics
Welcome to Our 14th Issue

Issue 15 - January 2013

Outsourcing Marketing Analytics
If You Don’t Want to Walk, I Can’t Make You Run
Does Your Digital Analytics Program “Come Through” For Decisions?

Issue 16 - February 2013

Of Governance – I
The Voice of the Customer & Big Data

Issue 17 - March 2013

Of Governance – II
Marketers, Do You Really Measure, or “Simply Count” Your Digital Marketing?

Issue 18 - April 2013

Of Governance – III
Expert Wrongness and the Streetlight Effect

Issue 19 - May 2013

Of Governance – IV
Measurement is a Minefield

Issue 20 - June 2013

Moving From Digital Marketing to Customer Intelligence
Of Governance – V
The New Era of ‘Goldilocks Marketing’: Real-Time is Right-Time

Issue 21 - July 2013

Of Governance – VI
Data Storyology

Issue 22 - August 2013

Beyond The Optimization Loop
Building a Digital Analytics Organization

Issue 23 - September 2013

Value in Chains: Analytics without Tears or Fears
Don’t Trust Analytics Vendors