The First Anniversary Issue

This number 13 is the occasion to celebrate this newsletter first anniversary issue. Looking back at the past twelve issues, I am amazed at the variety of articles, and brilliant content from our guest writers. This issue is no exception.

I was really honored when Jim Sterne kindly accepted my invitation to contribute a piece about what excited him in analytics. He got back to me not with an article packed with the new trendy thing du jour in marketing, but a rather personal note about… curiosity, and his thirst for learning! Coming from the Digital Analytics Association’s Chairman, what else would you expect! In all its simplicity, its almost triviality when one thinks about all the complex technology involved in analytics, curiosity remains the most important quality in an analyst, in a marketer. To me, the lack of it constitutes the cardinal sin. Jim offers us a lesson in keeping it alive, endlessly wanting to learn.

As a gift to you the reader, I had planned for some time to invite Jessica Hagy to contribute a drawing for this special occasion. I have admired her work for several years now, and I must admit the huge fan in me never thought his idol would say yes. Well, not only did she agree, she sent 6 amazing original, witty drawings on her typical lined cards! Choosing the three you are seeing today was really tough.

As for me, I let again my mind drift, and connected seemingly very different things in an effort to bring a little more light to our work life, hoping to expand its horizon.

Finally, thank you so much for reading this newsletter all through its first year.