Welcome to Issue 12

Well, there’s a dozen now! Wow! Thank you for reading. It means a big whole lot.

In this issue, I am pleased to welcome Stacey Barr, certainly one of the most prolific, relevant, and plain awesome writers about KPIs. I have been following Stacey’s work for over a year now, and she has been a strong influence on my approach to the topic. If you follow her beyond the fascinating article she offers this month (which I strongly encourage you to do), you will very quickly realize that Stacey is very hands-on, and give tons of tips and practical advice on how to develop and make KPIs a core practice at any company. In this issue, she tackles the very interesting topic of measuring what does not seem really measurable at first. You’ll see: if something is worth anything, it’s worth then measuring. No excuse!

As for my own piece, I have been fascinated in the past year by how much our everyday world is getting transformed by the information revolution. The frontier between reality and what we were calling cyber space even yesterday is disappearing. I offer a couple of ideas about what this could mean for us marketers.

Again, thank you so much for reading. I hope to see you next month, when we start our second year.