Welcome to Number Four

A longer issue this month, with three articles instead of the usual two. I am again very excited by the high quality delivered by this month’s contributors, Shankar Mishra, Vice President, Online Retail at Wyndham Hotel Group, and Jean-François Bélisle, Partner (Manager) – Consumer Intelligence Department at LoyaltyOne. I would even dare say that they offer us deep thoughts that need some effort, some time to absorb, but with so many gems.

Although it is a newsletter, the WAO/FACTOR has never been intended as easy reading. What a relief, what fresh air in this era of tweets and Facebook updates!

Shankar tackles the important question of predictability in online retailing by examining demand, supply, and execution.  The possible optimization combinations are just astounding, and make predictable results a rather hard thing to attain. Jean-François approaches the question of simplicity in analytics through a very original discussion of monitoring vs targeting. I read it 3 times; any analyst should do the same.

As for me, I present a much simpler article, looking at what make insights actionable. I believe I bring an angle to that question that is not often touched in key performance indicators discussions.

Thank you for reading this newsletter, and recommending it to friends and colleagues (did you notice the social share buttons?)