Welcome to the 11th Issue

Welcome to number 11 of the newsletter. Happy to see the regular readers, and the many new ones since the last issue.

This month I am quite honored that Dr. Dean Spitzer, author of the seminal work Transforming Performance Measurement, accepted to contribute, and shares his insights on how to transform the context, or environment of measurement. The reader knows how fond I am of discussions about organisational context of analytics, and performance measurement systems in general, such a neglected dimension of what we do. I often come across companies who have really figured out how to manage data, which solutions are best to process it, and what KPIs are best suited to interpret the results. Very few, however, have taken the pain to address the problems of transforming the context of measurement in order to optimize it. Dr. Spitzer discusses at lenght here some aspect of the solution, and I can’t recommend enough that you read his book.

In my article, I discuss the question of how we know what we know in Digital Analytics, or in any analytics endeavor for that matter. It seems to me that fifteen years of measuring what people do with our digital contents have not allowed us to crack the customer behavior code, and what we know for certain would probably hold on a single page.

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