Welcome to the WAO/FACTOR

Welcome to the first issue of the WAO/FACTOR! I am awfully happy you subscribed, and I will do my best to deliver great value contents, so that you will stay with us for a long time. First, the name: if you’re like me, you pronounce WAO, Wow! If you pronounce it w-a-o, you are not alone. I, and the network of experts working with me, strongly believe that analytics should make you say “Wow!” every so often. If it doesn’t, why bother?

This newsletter will be about the value of Digital Marketing to business. I take that word in a very large sense; yes, it also includes you if you work in government. So, how much value can you extract from investing in digital marketing? That will be the fundamental theme of the contents you will find here.

Each month, you will find articles written by me, other collaborators (we’re open to suggestions!), and a guest writer. I am particularly proud of the roster of guest writers I have already secured for this newsletter: very sophisticated thinkers not only immersed in Digital Marketing, but totally committed to its measurement.

People who will discuss facts, not fads.

And this is of course my commitment to you for everything you will find in this newsletter.

I am very happy that David Jenkins, VP Merchandising & Optimization at BuildDirect.com, accepted my proposition to kick off this first issue. Dave is a seasoned online marketer (see his bio here), and supervises all measurement efforts at the Vancouver-based company. In his fascinating article, he discusses optimization, but not the kind one reads about everywhere; rather e-commerce process optimization, one often very neglected aspect of online business.

Also in this issue, I present my review of two recently published books in Social Media Analytics. They are Social Media Metrics Secrets by Jonh Lovett, and Social Media Analytics by Marshall Sponder. Both authors did an excellent job, while, I believe, missing on a couple of important points.

So, finally, here’s the first issue. It still hasn’t much to offer I’m afraid. Well in quantity that is! I know it will evolve a lot in the coming months, and hopefully years. Thank you for being among the very first readers.

Let’s have a great journey!