The Internet Is A Wasteland

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The Internet is a wasteland. The majority of visitors on your site won’t stay long, and won’t see much. The vast majority of people won’t buy, won’t register, won’t subscribe, and won’t request information. The vast majority of your followers won’t see your Facebook posts, or your tweets. And the vast majority of those followers … Continued

Three Candles on The Cake


Today is the third anniversary of my business. It is first and foremost the third anniversary of me saying “Bye Bye Boss!”. It was a tough decision, one that I have never regretted since. Working for oneself presents many challenges, that’s for sure, and sometimes a lot of stress, since nobody is there to take … Continued

Now, If You really Needed a Reason To Attend!


Well, well, well. God knows I have tried to convince you to attend the Emetrics Toronto, April 6–9. I used very good reasons: “Come participate in great dicsussions”, “Come listen to luminaries such as Jim Novo, Johm Lovett, or Dennis Mortensen”! I have even tried not so good ones: “Come listen to me!” And I … Continued