Now, If You really Needed a Reason To Attend!


Well, well, well. God knows I have tried to convince you to attend the Emetrics Toronto, April 6–9. I used very good reasons: “Come participate in great dicsussions”, “Come listen to luminaries such as Jim Novo, Johm Lovett, or Dennis Mortensen”! I have even tried not so good ones: “Come listen to me!” And I certainly hope that was enough to make you register.

But now, I have an even better reason for your to attend; the most powerful brand name in Web Analytics: Avinash. The Google Analytics guru (I know he’s Indian, no pun intended) will be replacing Jim Sterne, himself not a bad name, who won’t be able to attend (no, the rumour that he doesn’t like Canadians is not true. It’s our food). Avinash will be delivering the first keynote onApril 7th.

So, again, come join the party (hum, don’t use that word with your boss), and register to the Emetrics Toronto!

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