Jacques Warren founded KWANTYX in 2006. Jacques is a seasoned veteran in Digital Analytics, delivering insights to clients since 2002. Indeed, Jacques was one of the earliest practitioners of Digital Analytics in Quebec and Canada. Then called WAO MARKETING, the firm has completed over 350 Marketing data valuation projects for over 100 clients in North America and Europe.

In 2009, Jacques Warren and Nicolas Malo published their acclaimed book on Web Analytics. Reprinted as a second edition in 2012, it has become THE French language reference on analytics.

In 2014, WAO changed its name to KWANTYX to better reflect the firm’s most powerful strength: its analytical acumen – its capacity to ask the most incisive and productive questions of your data.

We are a seasoned team of Marketing analysts with deep understanding of your business challenges. Our goal is not to send out reports, but to produce actionable recommendations that will help you create more value from your Marketing investments.

Jacques Warren, PDG
Jacques Warren, CEO