KWANTYX takes care of your online data collection, data integrity, and reliability using Google Tag Manager. We also optimize your Google Analytics setup (We also service Adobe Analytics and Webtrends accounts. We can monitor everything year-round to ensure nothing compromises the results upon which you make important decisions.

Since October 2020 and the availability of GA4, data can be sent directly to Google BigQuery. This has revolutionized Digital Analytics! We are experts in implementing an optimal data environment to support your objectives.

This is the foundation of our services. Inaccurate data will never generate good insights. Can you imagine making decisions with poor information? We all know how risky this is to your business.

WE INSIST: monitoring how your data is collected to ensure everything appears correctly in your analytics reports requires unique expertise so that errors do not corrupt your information. You know as well as we do how fast the digital world changes, how often new content and functions are added, and how often technical problems emerge. Let KWANTYX guarantee the quality of your digital data, so you won’t have to worry.



Our analyses answer your important questions so you will have actionable insight for all those dogged questions. Let us show you where the new value lies.

Whether you need to optimize your online campaigns, your Web or social content engagement, or your online transactions, KWANTYX will shed light on your data and uncover new business opportunities.

We will spot those new opportunities and help you organize your analytics internally if you wish.



We become your actual “in-house” analysts thanks to our flexible, simple, and no-surprise plans. KWANTYX is your Marketing Analytics resource giving you immediate access to high-level expertise. This is a resource-intensive task and difficult to staff up. We take care of it so you don’t have to.

KWANTYX is at its most powerful and very best when we work with you over the long term. We then acquire a deep understanding of your business challenges and become better positioned to help you reach your goals. There is no telling how rich and valuable a relationship with us can be.

With your retainer plan, you will have expert analysts working for you! We will take all your requests for analysis, answer all your questions, and initiate our exploratory projects with your data. You will get regular reports on how your online investments perform, presentations to your teams, and actionable recommendations on getting more from your web properties.



KWANTYX boasts over two decades of unparalleled expertise in conversion rate optimization (CRO), refining the digital experience for businesses across the spectrum. Drawing from a repository of over a hundred diverse case studies, our services are rooted in evidence-based strategies that consistently drive results. KWANTYX‘s seasoned team employs a meticulous approach, from in-depth analysis to robust A/B testing, ensuring clients enjoy maximized conversions and bolstered ROI. Choosing KWANTYX is an investment in tried-and-true CRO excellence.


Want to know exactly what catches your visitors’ attention on your website? Need to know why some visitors leave during checkout or why some don’t fill out your form? With Statistical Usability, we can tell you the WHY behind what visitors do and don’t do on your website. Imagine SEEING what people do on your website and being able to replay every bit of every visit. Why the term “statistical”? We can observe hundreds of visits, meaning multiple times more cases than a traditional usability lab can do. “Statistical” because we can SEGMENT all those use cases and analyze how the different user groups interacted with your content and processes. We can thus give you very high-quality insights about those aspects of your online efforts. This complex technique delivers crucial information to increase your online presence performance, whether you seek higher conversion rates or lasting visitor engagement with your content. KWANTYX WILL know what works on your website and what can be made to return more on your online investment because we will know WHY.

Amongst the myriad of session-replay products, we have used and partnered with Mouseflow. They offer a 14-day trial you can find here (we will get a little something if you decide to purchase it).




We live in a data-inundated world, and your company is no exception. You must know which data and metrics are the most important to your success. Doing business without analytics is like driving with closed eyes; without KPIs, you may see the road, but you won’t know your path.

KWANTYX has been involved in numerous KPI definition projects. We have developed our efficient project methodology so that they bring results in short order.



Attitudinal Analysis surveys, often called Voice of Customer, add enormous insight to our behavioral analysis. Surveys come in all shapes and can be pretty complex in their design. At KWANTYX, we prefer to administer dynamic questions triggered by people’s behavior at the very moment they occur! We assess what visitors tell us and use responses to create segments and give context to what they did. Precious feedback for solid recommendations!



Dashboards have recently come into vogue. They are often poorly understood and mistakenly perceived as applications that quickly bring all the correct information about a business via automation.

Dashboards are, above all, communication tools that convey results. By their very nature, they cannot accomplish the work of a seasoned analyst. And to be practical communication tools, dashboards must be well-designed and well-constructed.

With careful attention to the principles of good construction and its long experience in the design of dashboards, KWANTYX can be your partner of choice in these important projects.