The Internet Is A Wasteland

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The Internet is a wasteland.

The majority of visitors on your site won’t stay long, and won’t see much.

The vast majority of people won’t buy, won’t register, won’t subscribe, and won’t request information.

The vast majority of your followers won’t see your Facebook posts, or your tweets.

And the vast majority of those followers won’t share your content.

An even greater number of people won’t bother clicking on your banners (OK, I guess you can do “awareness”)

Almost nobody will click on any of all the links you share.

Most campaigns fail.

Most invested marketing dollars bring nothing.

Only a tiny fraction of visitors, users, followers, people will do what you need them to.

Only a very tiny percentage of people will bring value to your efforts.

That’s litterally the only payback online.

Can you see now how very much you need Analytics?

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