Three Candles on The Cake


Today is the third anniversary of my business. It is first and foremost the third anniversary of me saying “Bye Bye Boss!”. It was a tough decision, one that I have never regretted since. Working for oneself presents many challenges, that’s for sure, and sometimes a lot of stress, since nobody is there to take care of you with a nice little (stress the adjective) paycheck every other week.

But being independent means being free, being able to focus solely on my clients’ needs, not my bosses’. It is also the joy to take projects that interest me, not just because someone says yes to everything in order to meet the numbers.

So, I am extremely grateful to my clients; they’re the reason for this, the beginning and the end. Things are going to change at WAO Marketing in the coming months, and I am persuaded they will support the extra value I will bring them. And bringing value is everything, the rest is blah blah.

And you, dear readers, thank you for being here. I just hope to keep bringing value to you too.

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